Tsuru-Ume 'Nigori' Umeshu

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Heiwa Umeshu Nigori.jpg

Tsuru-Ume 'Nigori' Umeshu




Heiwa Shuzō was established in 1928 in Wakayama prefecture. Their goal is to create products that reflect the landscape, climate and raw materials of their birthplace - Wakayama. In this Nigori Umeshu made with Nankō Ume fruit from Wakayama, the pulp from the macerated Ume fruit is added to the Umeshu liqueur to give the liquid added texture from the fruit itself.  This has a wonderful aroma of Ume, a sweet yet tart character on the palate, full body and a refreshing acidic finish. Great chilled on its own, or in a cocktail like a Spritz.


INGREDIENTS: Sake infused with ume fruit, ume paste, alcohol& sugar


SERVE: Chilled | on the rocks | with soda | in a cocktail


SIZE: 720ml

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STORAGE: Store Umeshu in a cool dark place, trying to avoid direct sunlight. 

HANDLING: Once opened the Heiwa 'Tsuru-ume Nigori Umeshu' will last well for at least 6 - 8 weeks, ideally in a refrigerator.