SAKE CLUB - October 2018

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SAKE CLUB - October 2018

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For this months Sake Club offer we are showcasing the diversity and versatility of Nigori or ‘cloudy’ Sake.

Nigori references the inclusion of some of the ‘Kasu’ or Sake lees from the fermentation process used to produce Sake. Keeping or adding the ‘Kasu’ back into the Sake gives the drink more texture, aroma and sometimes an element of sweetness.

Here in this special 3-pack there are three examples of Nigori, each produced using a different technique to retain the ‘Kasu’ or lees. Included are 1 x bottle of each of the following:

  • MIOYA SHUZO ‘YUHO NO SHIRO’ 2018 - 720ml

  • UEHARA SHUZO ‘SOMA NO TENGU’ 2018 - 720ml

  • CHIYO SHUZO ‘MOROMI NIGORI’ 2018 - 720ml

This is a great opportunity to taste and compare these amazing examples of Nigori Sake.

Normally valued at over $230 - special 'Sake Club' pricing available for a limited time.

SIZE:  3 x 720ml

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