We've been hunting for some unique liqueurs from Japan for a number of years. Here you'll find a selection of  some the best we've discovered recently.

These amazing products are available now through the links below.


Fruit Liqueur Freaks - Red Shiso Liqueur

Fruit Liqueur Freaks is a small producer of artisanal liqueurs based in Kyoto. This Red Shiso liqueur is made once each year in July.

Red Shiso is generally available for a very short time in early July every year.  The process for making this delicious liqueur starts with a large batch of red shiso leaves. They are sorted and have the bitter stems in each leaf removed by hand. The leaves are then heated in a solution of spring water and vinegar. After this alcohol and sugar are added and the mixture is left to integrate for several months. 


Hoshiko Original Ume Liqueur

Created by legendary Japanese bartender Danny Aikawa who, in 1979 dreamed of creating a truly unique Japanese liqueur from Ume fruit. As he could only attempt to create this Ume based product once a year, all up it took 17 years to develop the recipe (which is a closely guarded secret).

Hoishiko is produced once a year after the Ume harvest in Wakayama prefecture. The Ume are macerated along with a secret blend of spices in alcohol. After several months the Ume and spices are removed and sugar is added to balance out the tart Ume flavour. 


Ota Shuzo - Melon Liqueur

It’s no surprise really that Ōta Shuzo who are making some seriously impressive Sake & Umeshu are also going to make  great liqueurs!

The locally grown AMS melons for this product are harvested in July each year and left to ripen for 3 weeks. This process allows the melon to lose water and become sweeter. At this point the seeds and skin are removed and the melon is cut into 4cm x 4cm pieces. Then the melon is infused in mix of 35% alcohol spirit and sugar for 3 months. After the maceration is finished the melon is removed and pure spring water from the Sake brewery is added to bring the alcohol down to 10%.