Matsuda Mitsuhiro Ceramics

Kumano Aiga Kama

We have been fans of Mitsuhiro-san and his work for many years. After an enjoyable meeting in 2017 we were able to convince him to commission some Sake pieces specifically for Black Market Sake. These are all one of a kind clay & glaze combinations in shapes created specifically for the Australian market. Truly incredible to be offering these beautifully functional handmade items in Australia. 

Matsuda Mitsuhiro was born in Osaka in 1962. Before starting a career in ceramics, Mitsuhiro-san worked at a museum, working his way up to curator. In 1995 he decided to follow his father’s footsteps and become a potter. He returned to his hometown to work with his father and build his own kiln. Ceramic artists in Japan give their Kiln (Kama in Japanese) names and this becomes the name that their work goes by. Mitsuhiro-san’s Kiln is called Kumano Aiga Kama. It is named after the region where it is located in a very mountainous part of Wakayama prefecture. It is these mountains and their vegetation that are the source of his clay and glaze. He digs all his own clay and experiments with locally sourced wood and vegetation to make his glazes. Using traditional methods and striving for beauty, his works are meant to blend into and become an integral part of their users lives.