Hiroshima prefecture lies in the middle of Chugoku region on Japan’s main island Honshu.  Most of the prefecture consists of mountains leading towards Shimane Prefecture, and rivers that produce rich plains near the coast.  Many small islands are also included in this prefecture.  Hiroshima is well recognised as one of Japan’s top sake brewing regions and small craft breweries, many with very long histories, are scattered throughout the prefecture.

Established in 1926 Miwasakura is located in Miwa-cho in Miyoshi City, which is in a northeastern region of Hiroshima Prefecture, and has been a family run brewery since its beginning, with the current Kuramoto [Brewery Owner] Sakata-san being the 4th generation.  Miyoshi City is in a river basin surrounded by the foothills of the Chugoku Mountain where 3 major rivers join together and flow out together as the Egawa River towards Hiroshima City.  Miyoshi is renowned for the traditional cormorant fishing where fishers use cormorant birds to dive and catch the fish instead of using fishing rods or nets; along with being one of the main rice growing areas for Sake.  Miwasakura specialise in making sake from locally grown rice, in particular the Hattan varieties that Hiroshima is famous for.

Miwasakura sake are made by their Toji [Master Brewer] Kanao Eko who is also a Buddhist priest [Eko is the name he has taken since being ordained] and he aims to make sake that are traditional and full of umami.