Mental Notes - A wine party

We're excited to be part of Mental Notes - a wine party hosted by DRNKS and Mary’s. A tasting of epic proportions at the National Art School, in Darlinghurst on Saturday the 30th of April. You’ll have the opportunity to try over 100 wines from Australia and all over the world, as well as meet the people who make them and import them. In addition, you’ll also be able to sample some rare sake and even rarer spirits.
There’s food on the day, provided by Mary’s and the team from Icebergs, and The Unicorn will be running a bar for the duration of the event, so you can slide past for a beer or a glass of wine before, or after the tasting.

More details, and tickets, here -

On the day, you'll have the opportunity to try wines from..:
Shobbrook Wines, Jauma, Andrew Guard Imports, Si Vintners, Black Market Sake, La Sorga, Eric Texier, Ochota Barrels, Brian, Spirit People, Kindeli, Patrick Sullivan, Eurocentric Importers, Dr. Edge, Living Wines, Frederick Stevenson, Murdoch Hill, Vinous Imports, George McCullough Imports, Giovanni Armani Giorgio, Campbell Burton Imports, Good Intentions Wine Co., The Other Right, Xavier, Addley Clark Imports, Stoney Rise, Brash Higgins, Fratelli Paradiso Imports, Chapter Wines, Lo-Fi Imports...

Posted on April 21, 2016 .