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Special Tasting Invitation


We are excited to announce a special tasting event at our good friends P & V Wine & Liquor in Newtown.

On Wednesday 18th September Black Market Sake welcomes three brewers live & direct to pour a selection of their artisan Sake. 

This is an incredible opportunity to meet up close & personal the producers of some of Japan’s most acclaimed Sake. 

And the best thing is it’s free to attend with Sake and snacks, plus special offers available on these wonderful Sake to takeaway.



5:30pm - 8:00pm

P & V WINE & LIQUOR - 64 Enmore Road, Newtown, NSW 2042




Nearly all work in the Moriki Shuzō is done by hand, the same way their Sake has been made for centuries. Rumiko's motto is "a lot of hard work in the making of the best quality sake she can, means being honest to her customers".  It is truly a remarkable brewery with a wood fired boiler being used to steam the rice, wooden vats full of steamed rice are carried on the Moriki’s and their workers shoulders, including up wooden planks to get the rice into the fermentation tanks.  About 25% of their Sake production is from their own organically farmed rice, and the rest is sourced from areas that specialise in the particular rice variety that will produce the best result for the style of Sake they wish to brew.

Rumiko Moriki is the 4th generation of her family to own the brewery, and along with her husband Hideki, they are not only the Kuramoto [Brewery Owners] of this tiny brewery, they are also the Tōji [Master Brewers] of their hand crafted sake.



Akishika Shuzō was founded in Ōsaka prefecture in 1886 and under the present 6th generation Kuramoto [Brewery Owner] this tiny brewery is creating some of Japan’s most exceptional and unique sake. Hiroaki Oku is both Kuramoto and also Tōji [Master Brewer] at Akishika and his belief and skill in creating quality sake shows in every bottle. Akishika Shuzō is one of only a handful of sake breweries that follow the ‘Château concept’ as we see in wine production with Oku-san contracting 20 local farmers to grow rice for his sake in addition to the rice he grows himself. Two of these rice are the ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ of sake rice - Yamada Nishiki and Omachi. Although Oku-san has grown all of his rice organically for many years, from 2011 he has obtained certification for organic rice cultivation.

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Mukai Shuzō is a tiny brewery with an exceptionally long history having been founded in 1754 and is still a family run business today.   The current Tōji [Master Brewer] is Kuniko Mukai who is the eldest daughter of the Kuramoto [Brewery Owner] Yoshihisa Mukai.  Kuniko left her hometown to study fermentation and brewing techniques at Tōkyō University of Agriculture and after graduation spent one year as a brewery worker before assuming the role of Tōji at her family's brewery in 1998.  Kuniko was one of the first women Master Brewers in Japan at the young age of 22, and by becoming Tōji at Mukai kept alive the family-run tradition at their brewery that has now been brewing for 265 years. She is an exceptionally creative brewer who makes Sake that are unique to her style.

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