AFS 1976

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AFS 1976





Junmai • Pure Rice Sake

Ginjo • Rice polished to 60% or less

Yamahai • Traditional yeast starter method

Koshu • Aged Sake

Kidoizumi have been making koshu [aged] sake as a product for half a century, and first put nine-year-old sake on sale in the capital in 1971, a long way ahead of other breweries.  Many people have the misconception that sake cannot be aged, but Kidoizumi are masters of crafting amazing examples of aged sake.  After the New AFS is pressed it is bottled into Isshobin [1.8L bottles] and aged for a minimum of 15-20 years before release.  When Kidoizumi are ready to release the sake it is taken out of the Isshobin and filtered before rebottling into the 720ml bottle size ready for sale. This sake is produced in the Hot Yamahai method for which Kidoizumi is famous and has a beautiful rich mahogany colour.  The aroma is of caramel, toasted nuts and honey with a complex burnt toffee, dried fig and bitter chocolate flavour.  New AFS is a full bodied, umami rich sake with an incredibly long finish, lifted acidity and woody notes which keeps the palate well balanced and lively.

YEAR: 1976

RICE TYPE: Akebono


ALCOHOL: 17.5%

YEAST STRAIN: Kidoizumi #7

SERVE: Room Temperature


SIZE: 720ml

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STORAGE: Store Sake in a cool dark place, trying to avoid direct sunlight. 

HANDLING: Once opened this Kidoizumi 'AFS' will last well for a long time, many years in fact. It has done much of it's ageing and will develop more after it has been opened. It should be kept in a cool place.