Kizan Sanban

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Kizan Sanban

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Junmai • Pure Rice Sake

Ginjo • Rice polished to 60% or less

Nama • Unpasteurised

Genshu • Undiluted

Each brewing season Chikuma Nishiki make two tanks of Kizan Sanban. One tank becomes a pasteurised version [known as hiire] and then there is the version we choose to import to Australia which is unpasteurised or nama. We love this version of Kizan Sanban because of its lively, fresh palate.  Normally a genshu [undiluted] sake would have an alcohol level of 17-20%, but the Kizan Sanban is only 15% as when brewed the fermentation is stopped early to naturally retain a higher sugar content, which therefore also reduces the alcohol.  This residual sugar combined with its refreshing acidity creates a smooth rounded palate with flavours of apple and aniseed.  Many Ginjō sake in the market tend to offer predominately aroma with very little flavour profile, however Kizan Sanban is virtually the opposite of this with its rich, round palate and balanced acidity.


YEAR: 2019

RICE TYPE: Miyama Nishiki



YEAST STRAIN: Kura secret!

SERVE: Chilled


SIZE: 720ml & 1800ml

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STORAGE: Store Nama [unpasteurised] Sake in a cool dark place, trying to avoid direct sunlight. 

HANDLING: Once opened the Chikuma Nishiki 'Kizan Sanban' will last well for at least 3 - 4 weeks, ideally in a refrigerator.