Ine Mankai


Ine Mankai

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Junmai • Pure Rice Sake

Genshu • Undiluted

One of the most unique sake being made : the Ine Mankai from Mukai Shuzō is made with an ancient strain of red rice along with white rice to create this rose petal coloured sake. In Japan, red rice has been cultivated and used for traditional celebrations in provincial villages and towns for centuries, but it is extremely rare to see red rice used commercially.  While studying fermentation and brewing techniques at Tōkyō University, Kuniko met Professor Takeda who encouraged her to create a sake made from the red rice he knew grew locally in Kuniko's hometown area of Ine. Professor Takeda also emphasised that the most important thing in sake brewing is the balance of flavours, with sweetness and acidity in harmony. In May 2000 Kuniko launched her red rice sake and called it 'Ine Mankai' or ‘Ine in Full Bloom’ and it’s well balanced levels of sweetness & acidity make it perfect for drinking with a wide variety of foods. Complex cherry & vanilla aroma with unique sweet/tart cherry & pomegranate flavours with a savoury, umami rich palate works equally well with savoury dishes or sweet. Delicious with duck | fermented or smoked foods | rhubarb| red berries | quandong. Unique and delicious!


YEAR: 2019

RICE TYPE: Gohyakumangoku & Murasaki red rice


ALCOHOL: 14.1%


SERVE: Chilled


SIZE: 720ml & 1800ml

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STORAGE: Store Sake in a cool dark place, trying to avoid direct sunlight. 

HANDLING: Once opened this Mukai 'Ine Mankai' will last well for at least 15 - 20 weeks. It can be kept in a cool place or a refrigerator.