Soma no Tengu

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Soma no Tengu 720.jpg
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Soma no Tengu





Junmai • Pure Rice Sake

Ginjo • Rice polished to 60% or less

Muroka • No charcoal filtration

Nama • Unpasteurised

Genshu • Undiluted

Usunigori • Lightly cloudy

The Soma no Tengu is a usunigori sake.  Sake that is nigori means that the sake is ‘cloudy’ because it has fermentation sediment either left in (or in some cases added to) the finished sake.  In this case ‘usu’ means ‘lightly’ cloudy, where the lightest part of the sediment is left in from the soft pressing of the sacks filled with fresh sake [liquid and solids together]. Soma no Tengu should be gently shaken before pouring so that the sediment is distributed evenly.  This sake has a beautiful silvery colour with a fresh aroma with hints of Jasmine rice and almond.  A delicious sake with a creamy, sweet front palate, lightly tart side palate and a long dry finish.  Delicate and refined.


YEAR: 2018

RICE TYPE: Yamada Nishiki


ALCOHOL: 17.5%


SERVE: Chilled


SIZE: 720ml

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STORAGE: Store Sake in a cool dark place, trying to avoid direct sunlight. 

HANDLING: Once opened the Uehara 'Soma no Tengu' will last well for at least 6 - 8 weeks, ideally in a refrigerator.