Suppin Rumiko no Sake

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Suppin Rumiko no Sake

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Junmai • Pure Rice Sake

Ginjo • Rice polished to 60% or less

Muroka • No charcoal filtration

Nama • Unpasteurised

Genshu • Undiluted

Arabashiri • Free-run

This sake is named after Rumiko Moriki, who is the Tōji [Master Brewer] and Kuramoto [Brewery Owner] along with her husband Hideki. Suppin means to go bare-faced or without makeup and is designed to tell us how natural this sake is. A Pure Rice sake made without charcoal filtration, pasteurisation or dilution. The Suppin Rumiko no Sake is also arabashiri where instead of pressing the sake the liquid is allowed to ‘free run’ to create a sake with elegance and delicacy.  The arabashiri version is roughly equivalent to the first 30% of the total sake captured. The manga graphic on the label of this sake is a very famous drawing of Rumiko when she first started brewing sake, as she was one of only a handful of female Tōji at the time.  Female Tōji are still a rarity today with only around 20 in the industry in Japan.  The Suppin Rumiko no Sake is made with Hattan Nishiki rice to create a sake with lovely earthy notes, soft textural palate, balanced acidity and a dry finish.


YEAR: 2019 [720ml] & 2018 [1800ml]

RICE TYPE: Hattan Nishiki




SERVE: Chilled


SIZE: 720ml & 1800ml

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STORAGE: Store Nama [unpasteurised] Sake in a cool dark place, trying to avoid direct sunlight. 

HANDLING: Once opened the Moriki 'Suppin Rumiko no Sake' will last well for at least 6 - 10 weeks, ideally in a refrigerator.